What would you like to know about proton therapy?

Australia’s first proton therapy unit to treat rare and children’s cancers is under construction. It will be housed in the Australian Bragg Centre in Adelaide.

In preparation for this life-saving cancer treatment option, we at SAHMRI are focussing on patients – what do people with cancer and their families want to know about proton therapy?

Do you have questions about Proton Therapy? Please send them to Communications Officer kelly.skelton@sahmri.com

Your questions will help guide the content of our upcoming webinars titled “How can we improve the radiation experience for patients & families?”.

The webinars are hosted by former ABC broadcaster and cancer survivor, Julie McCrossin AM. They are designed for all members of the health multidisciplinary clinical community as well as patients, families, advocates and health policy professionals. They feature interviews with clinicians, cancer survivors and family members from leading cancer centres in Australia and internationally.

Last year we produced the first two webinars in this series, speaking with people about proton therapy at The Christie in the UK and the Danish Centre for Proton Therapy and Research in Aarhus. The primary focus of these webinars was on improving the experience for patients and families, especially when they need to travel for treatment to a city away from their home. These interviews include video footage of the treatment centres’ design and internal fit out.

Please send us your questions about proton therapy to Communications Officer kelly.skelton@sahmri.com by Friday 9 April 2021 so we can answer them during our webinar series.

The next two webinars in the series will be broadcast live on Thursday 13 May and Thursday 20 May this year.

If this is your first introduction to proton therapy, please watch this short video for some background information. You can read more detail from Targeting Cancer here while this article deals more specifically with proton therapy in Australia.

Thank you for your interest and support. Please feel free to share this with others who you think might wish to send us questions as well.

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