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Julie McCrossin

Julie McCrossin gets people talking

Julie is renowned across Australia for her warmth, humour, intelligence and commitment to social justice. After 20 years as a broadcaster with ABC Radio, ABC TV and Network 10, she is now a freelance journalist, facilitator, trainer and speaker.

From private workshops with small groups of people to huge public events, Julie has built a reputation for bringing people together, getting them communicating and helping them achieve positive outcomes.

For more information, contact Julie now.

Targeting Cancer


Julie has become an Ambassador for Targeting Cancer. She had oropharyngeal cancer treated with radiation therapy and chemotherapy in 2013, and is now back to her usual busy life.

Over 100,000 Australians are diagnosed with cancer each year. In 2010, 21,235 cancers were registered in New Zealand. It is estimated that about half of them will benefit from radiation therapy as part of their overall cancer treatment.

Watch this series of videos to follow Julie's treatment journey, from diagnosis and treatment to embracing the future.

Julie Appointed Beyond Five Ambassador

article pic

It is a great honour and pleasure to be a Patron for Beyond Five.

As a survivor of head and neck cancer myself, I am deeply committed to doing whatever I can to bring evidence-based information and sources of support to the attention of head and neck cancer patients, family members, friends and multidisciplinary team members.

Diagnosis, treatment & recovery

I was diagnosed with stage 4 oropharyngeal cancer in mid 2013. I had cancer in my tonsils, the back of my tongue and the side of my throat. I was successfully treated with 30 sessions of radiation and four sessions of chemotherapy.

My recovery was based on two key factors in addition to the excellent treatment, pain relief and hope provided by my medical team: a radiation oncologist, a medical oncologist and a head and neck surgeon.

Firstly, I was lucky to have a loving, supportive, long-term partner, Melissa and... read more