Julie McCrossin

Julie McCrossin’s Never Ending Fight for Equality

BEFORE that infamous night in 1978 when 53 gay, lesbian and transgender activists were arrested in Kings Cross at the first Sydney Mardi Gras, many other passionate demonstrators were handcuffed in their fight for equality. Julie McCrossin was among them. Back when homosexuality was a criminal offence. Considered evil. A mental illness. In 1974 Penny […]

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A Strong Voice

A career in radio broadcasting saw Julie McCrossin spend plenty of time inside a room alone and under pressure. “I was used to being in a glass box by myself with people on the other side communicating to me through my headset or on a computer screen,” she says. But this meant nothing when lying […]

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mardi gras + me

Mardi Gras + Me

I was very happy to participate in Mardi Gras + Me, a terrific 18-minute documentary film broadcast on ABC TV on 7 March 2018. Mardi Gras + Me follows a group of young people as they prepare to march in the 40th Sydney Mardi Gras Parade. They meet some famous LGBTQIA+ faces, and create banners & […]

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Beyond Five

Beyond Five

Head and neck cancer experts created Beyond Five as a resource for medical professionals, as well as their patients and carers. read the article » Published in the November issue of the Australian Medical Association’s The NSW Doctor magazine.  

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78ers and Mardi Gras 2018

Very sorry to see the news about differences within the 78er community in the media today. The 78ers are a diverse group of people with, no doubt, a wide range of views about recognition for their activism and access to free or discounted party tickets and events. Speaking for myself, I think the current Mardi […]

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The Internet of Things – the Next Industrial Revolution?

With the rapid rate of change in the communications sector and the extensive development of the Internet of Things, some believe we are in the middle of a new industrial revolution. There are plenty of legal and regulatory questions, but few definitive answers. Julie speaks to Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) commissioner Cristina Cifuentes […]

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Teela Reid

Carrying the Family Torch

Teela Reid joined NSW Legal Aid, her first job as a solicitor, in March. Previously, she was tipstaff to Justice Lucy McCallum of the Supreme Court of NSW. Before that she was a high school sports teacher. Julie met a young woman whose identity and ambition have been nurtured by two strong and supportive networks: […]

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Beyond Five logo

Julie Appointed Beyond Five Ambassador

It is a great honour and pleasure to be a Patron for Beyond Five. As a survivor of head and neck cancer myself, I am deeply committed to doing whatever I can to bring evidence-based information and sources of support to the attention of head and neck cancer patients, family members, friends and multidisciplinary team […]

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LSJ August 2017

People of Great Courage

Barrister Julian McMahon is best known for his work with Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran. These Australians were two of eight people executed on an island off the south coast of Java on 29 April 2015. Along with solicitor Veronica Haccou and a senior DFAT official, McMahon was only a few hundred metres away when […]

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Launch of Head and Neck Cancer Patient Book

Produced by The Swallows and Head & Neck Cancer Support Australia. MC: Julie McCrossin Head & Neck Cancer Survivor Speaker: Dr Teresa Anderson Chief Executive, Sydney LHD On World Head and Neck Cancer Day, Thursday 27 July 2017 Time: 9.00am – 10.00am Location: RL Harris Room, Kerry Packer Education Centre, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (On […]

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