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January 2016

20.1.16 Circus Oz: Strong Women Fundraising Event. MC Panel.

February 2016

2.2.16 ADAPT Consumer video. University of Sydney. Present.

6.2.16 Ovarian Cancer Forum. Sydney. MC.

10.2.16 NSW Trustee and Guardian Forum. Armidale. MC.

11.2.16 Sydney Coastrek 2016. Briefing Night. Speak.

15.2.16 Ovarian Cancer Forum. Melbourne. MC.

17.2.16 Ovarian Cancer Forum. Perth. MC.

18.2.16 SCEGGS Old Girls’ Meeting. (PM).

19.2.16 & 20.2.16: SCEGGS Board Retreat.

24.2.16 NSW Trustee and Guardian Forum. Broken Hill. MC.

26.2.16 NSW Trustee and Guardian. Bathurst. MC.

March 2016

3.3.16 SCEGGS Old Girls’ Union Mother/Daughter Breakfast. Attend.

3.3.16: SCEGGS Board.

4.3.16: Sydney Coastrek. Walk.

8.3.16: University of Sydney International Women’s Day Event. MC.

9.3.16: International Women’s Day Event. Leichhardt Council. MC.

10.3.16: NCOSS Think Tank. Facilitate.

14.3.16: Wolper Jewish Hospital Forum on Sleep. MC.

16.3.16: NPS Choosing Wisely Australia. Launch. MC.

21.3.16: SCEGGS Board.

31.3.16: Consumer Health Forum of Australia & George Institute Breakfast. Speak.

April 2016

6.4.16: EDO Fundraising Dinner. MC.

20.4.16: St Vincent’s Health Network. Attend.

25.4.16: ABC TV Q & A. Panel.

27.4.16: Head and Neck Cancer Support Liverpool Hospital. Speak.

28.4.16-1.5.16: Uniting Women. MC.

May 2016

12.5.16 SCEGGS Old Girls’ Meeting.

17.5.16: Australian Network on Disability. MC.

18.5.16: St Vincent’s Health Network. Attend.

20.5.16: Health Planning Day: Radiation Oncology Liverpool & Campbelltown Hospitals. Facilitate.

23.5.16: SCEGGS Board.

24.5.16: Death Over Dinner. Attend.

30.5.16: Studio Ten on Network 10. Panel on mental health.

June 2016

5.6.16: Annual Bomber Command Commemorative Day. The Cenotaph. MC.

5.6.16: Vivid Ideas: Anxiety Project. MCA. MC.

8.6.16: Government Lawyers Conference. MC.

10.6.16: Courage Unmasked Exhibition. Speak.

15.6.16: Men’s Health Week Webcast. MC.

17.6.16: Sydney Innovation and Research Symposium. Sydney LHD. MC.

23.6.16: Ovarian Cancer Forum. MC.

27.6.16: Cancer Australia Consumers’ Forum. MC.

29.6.16 & 30.6.16: National Hoarding and Squalor Conference. MC.

July 2016

1.7.16: Dinner with George. Australian War Memorial. Attend.

4.7.16 to 14.7.16: UK Trip.

18.7.16: ABC Books.

21.7.16 NSW Ambulance Staff Wellbeing Summit. MC.

22.7.16 Back to SCEGGS Day & SCEGGS Old Girls’ Meeting.

25.7.16: SCEGGS Board.

28.7.16 & 29.7.16: Palliative Care Victoria Conference. MC.

August 2016

1.8.16 to 31.8.16: Special Projects.

1.8.16: Public Interest Advocacy Centre Event. Human rights. MC.

4.8.16: SCEGGS Old Girl Union.

10.8.16: St Vincent’s Health Network. Attend.

14.8.16: City to Surf. Walk with @targetingcancer team.

18.8.16: Amnesty Event. MC.

25.8.16: Mental Health Drug and Alcohol Awards. Northern Sydney Local Health District. MC.

September 2016

1.9.16 to 4.9.16: Special Projects.

7.9.16: Wolper Jewish Hospital Forum on Rare Cancers. MC.

14.9.16: ACCAN National Conference 2016: ACCANECT. Equipping Consumers to Stay Connected. MC.

15.9.16: Attendant Care Industry Association Awards. MC.

16.9.16: Uniting Staff Leadership Awards. MC.

17.9.16: The Gardens of Stone – Sydney’s Wonderland in Focus. Sydney University Law School. MC.

19.9.16: SCEGGS Board.

22.9.16: Breast Cancer Network Australia Lunch. Sydney. MC.

23.9.16: Medical Board of Australia. MC panel.

October 2016

5.10.16: Australian Red Cross NSW Division AGM. Speak.

6.10.16: Australian BPD Foundation Conference. MC.

7.10.16: Palliative Care Australia Workshop. Facilitate.

8.10.16 SCEGGS 45th School Reunion.

17.10.16 & 18.10.16 AGAC National Conference Reflecting Will and Preference in Decision Making. MC panels.

27.10.16 SCEGGS Old Girls’ Meeting (PM). Attend.

30.10.16: Bridges Walk.

November 2016

4.11.16: South Western Sydney LHD Cancer Services AGM. Speak.

10.11.16: Radiation Physicists Targeting Cancer. Speak.

13.11.16 South Sydney Uniting Church AGM.

15.11.16 to 16.11.16: 2nd International Healthcare and Social Media Summit. Mayo Clinic. MC.

18.11.16: Melbourne Coastrek.

21.11.16: SCEGGS Board.

22.11.16: The Sydney Institute. Speak. Go to for link to podcast of this event.

23.11.16: Wolper Jewish Hospital Forum on BMI and “fat”. MC.

December 2016

1.12.16 SCEGGS Old Girls’ Meeting & SCEGGS Festival of Lessons and Carols. Attend.

1.12.16 to 31.12.16: HOLIDAY..

2.12.16: Bomber Command Association Christmas Lunch. NSW Parliament. MC.

18.12.16: Carols on Norton. MC.

24.12.16: MCC Sydney Christmas Eve Service. Sydney Town Hall. Speak. See

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