REARRANGED An Opera Singer’s Facial Cancer And Life Transposed

A Memoir
By Kathleen Watt

REARRANGED tells of leaving the operatic stage for a starring role opposite the Big C. Bone cancer in my cheek ended my career as an opera singer and brought me face to face with mortality, disfigurement, the meaning and uses of beauty—and a lot of left over pieces.

A small corps of medical elites convened to excoriate my diseased bones with surgical wizardry and lethal toxins, and stayed on to restore me to myself through a brutal alchemy of kindness and titanium screws.

REARRANGED is a tale of letting go to hold on, of putting old pieces to new uses—and of the unlikely arrangements that make it all work out.​

Kathleen Watt
Writer & Cancer Survivor

Julie McCrossin AM
Broadcaster & Cancer Survivor

Video Production Daniel Taylor

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