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Julie McCrossin gets people talking

Julie McCrossinJulie is renowned across Australia for her warmth, humour, intelligence and commitment to social justice. After 20 years as a broadcaster with ABC Radio, ABC TV and Network 10, she is now a freelance journalist, trainer, speaker and facilitator – both in person and virtually as a webinar host.

Julie has built a reputation for getting people talking with a clear focus and achieving positive results. In the COVID-19 era, Julie facilitates many conversations via on-line events, podcasts & videos.

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Throat Cancer & HPV Booklet

Throat Cancer & HPV

Brilliant new booklet for patients, families and friends with key information abou this cancer which is increasingly common and little understood.

This booklet is in Plain English and adapted to the needs of patients after in-depth consultation with affected patients prior to publication. It’s currently on-line with plans to publish in paper form.

It is ideal for newly diagnosed people and familes as a tool to aid face-to-face communication. It is also excellent for long term survivors, like myself, who still want to understand the link between HPV and throat cancer, plus what it means for my after-cancer sexual safety... read more