Rainbow People Welcome – Interview with Major Jenny Begent

“I have been a Salvation Army officer for more than 30 years, serving all of my officership in a range of social and community services and leadership positions across the AUS Southern. My work has mostly been in the governance and management of social programs for Victoria. My previous role was as National Head of Social Mission, which gave me operational management for social services nationally, on behalf of The Salvation Army. I am currently the National Head of International Development.

“My main areas of expertise are in the Family Violence and Homelessness areas. Family Violence has been a passion of mine for many years. It is without doubt the greatest scourge women face and a real challenge for the wider community to take responsibility. I am also a strong ally for the LGBTQI community and work both internal to The Salvation Army and externally to support full inclusion and equal rights.

“Personally, I am passionate about women’s issues, politics and history, cricket, football (Go Swans) and books. When I’m not working, (an increasingly rare phenomenon) I read, libraries are hallowed spaces, swim, drink way too much coffee and watch re-runs of the West Wing to keep my faith in human nature intact. “

Media Production by Daniel Taylor – Sydney Media Production

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