The Internet of Things – the Next Industrial Revolution?

Law Society Journal Nov 2017

With the rapid rate of change in the communications sector and the extensive development of the Internet of Things, some believe we are in the middle of a new industrial revolution.

There are plenty of legal and regulatory questions, but few definitive answers.

Julie speaks to Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) commissioner Cristina Cifuentes about the strategic questions lawyers need to be asking during this time of change, what prepared her for her role as commissioner, and how intellectual curiosity – a talent she learnt from her Spanish immigrant parents – has underpinned her “zigzag” career.

“The Internet of Things is the act of sending data and receiving data. Whenever you use any of these apps, it will be sending some information about you, such as your preferences, where you are, your connections and how you basically live your life.”

Published in the November issue of the Law Society of NSW Journal.

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