Contagious Innovation

LSJ June 2017

The Australian Government wants the business, investor and legal communities to grow “start-up ecosystems” and ride the high-tech boom to prosperity.

Austrade is setting up five overseas Innovation Landing Pads to help Australian entrepreneurs with “market-ready start-ups” thrive.

It launched the first Landing Pad in Tel Aviv, Israel, in mid-2016.

Lawyer Micha Tollman is a partner with Yigal Arnon & Co. Law Firm, a leading firm in the city with a top-tier high-tech and venture capital practice. Tollman runs the Australia Desk.

Julie spoke to Tollman about the Landing Pad, why Israel is so successful in innovation and the opportunities for young lawyers in the high-tech world he enjoys.

“The message to young lawyers is to extend your focus beyond the law to be successful in this sector. It is important to network and meet young entrepreneurs. They are not typical clients. They are Generation X businesspeople.”

Published in the June issue of the Law Society of NSW Journal.

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