The Atypical CEO

LSJ April 2016

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Partner of Maddocks Michelle Dixon is different to the leaders of most major firms in several notable ways.

Despite her award-winning reputation for promoting gender equity, she was reluctant to become the “first among equals” at her firm.

Dixon’s greatest passion is litigation. There is nothing in life that makes her feel as “alive, engaged and happy”.

So why did she agree to become CEO and what is she enjoying about the job? Julie McCrossin finds out.

My parents were an enormous influence on who I am, particularly my dad. I had a sister and a brother and we were brought up exactly the same way. We were all sent out bushwalking when we were young. We all carried our own packs. There was no difference between what my dad’s daughters and son could do. He had absolutely the same expectations.

Published in the April issue of the Law Society of NSW Journal.

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