Moral Courage

LSJ October 2016

The 2016 Australian of the Year, General David Morrison AO, will deliver the Tristan Jepson Memorial Foundation Lecture on 13 October. George and Marie Jepson set up the foundation to promote psychological health and safety within the legal community, after their son, Tristan, a young lawyer, experienced depression and took his own life.

Morrison, who studied arts and law at the Australian National University before he joined the army, will talk about leadership and creating a culture in which people can speak up and get help without losing their place in the legal community.

Morrison has considerable experience in changing long-standing, entrenched cultural values that are no longer useful in the diverse, contemporary world. What can the world of the law learn from the battlegrounds of the military?

I spoke to David Morrison to find out.

There are times, at the moment, in our challenged world, where you have to go looking hard for community leaders, or elected leaders, who are showing the necessary respect to other human beings.

Published in the October issue of the Law Society of NSW Journal.

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