LINACS: Visual Education for Cancer Patients

Model Radiation Therapy Machines: A Call To Action!


This is a newly created model of a Radiation Therapy machine or LINAC ☢️ designed and built at my request by Connor Brennan, a young man in Adelaide. Connor’s Nana and I were both successfully treated for the same type of Head and Neck Cancer on a LINAC similar to this.

Ever since my first of 33 treatments I have promised myself I will advocate for accurate, scale models of LINACs to be used in patient and family education before treatment – so we know what to expect.

My dream is that models like this will be provided to multidisciplinary cancer team members to use in their conversations with patients about what Radiation Therapy treatment involves. It reduces fear and anxiety if you know what to expect.

My dream is that the manufacturers of LINACS will produce accurate, scale models of their products and encourage their use in patient education at the cancer centres that purchase their life-saving and life-prolonging technologies.

Julie McCrossin, Cancer Survivor, 16 January 2023

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  1. Hi Julie,

    As a Radiation Therapist working in Ireland with 22yrs experience in Radiation Oncology, I have only seen this model once. It was built by my collegue using lego, and a great visual aid for us to explain what we do for patients.
    It would be fantastic for all Radiation therapists working in Radiation Oncology, especially information and support services to have a scaled model. Best of luck with your venture. Its absolutely needed. Debbie.

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