The new normal, rediscovering yourself after serious illness


Have you experienced a serious or life threatening illness that challenged everything you knew about yourself?

Today we welcome former Life Matters presenter Julie McCrossin back to the studio. Earlier this year Julie was diagnosed and treated for throat cancer. Reflecting on her most memorable interviews of her time on Life Matters one that stood out was with young cancer survivor Emma Sayers, and Emeritus Professor Miles Little.

They all join us for our Friday talkback on how to re-imagine your future after a brush with mortality.

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Have you or someone close survived a life threatening illness like cancer, or perhaps major surgery? How did it change the way you viewed life?

Did your relationship to your body change? Knowing that illness might re-occur – did it change your hopes and dreams for the future?

Perhaps facing your own mortality has made you more fearful, or it might have sparked big plans?

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