LGBTI and Health: Q&A Panel Discussion

This Q&A discussion will

  • celebrate diversity with a focus on our LGBTI+ communities
  • share practical, active strategies for creating respectful and responsive health services (eg how to make LGBTI+ community members feel welcome in our health system and express their needs, how staff can be respectful of, and responsive to needs)
  • share personal experiences about how to build trust & achieve better health results for the rainbow consumer/patient
  • enjoy a lively discussion with audience questions and comments

Facilitator Julie McCrossin is renowned across Australia for her warmth, humour, intelligence and commitment to social justice. After 20 years as a broadcaster with ABC Radio, ABC TV and Network 10, she is now a freelance journalist, facilitator, trainer and speaker.

Panelists include:

Stephen Teulan
Stephen is motivated by working with organisations undergoing change to transform opportunities for people who are vulnerable and marginalised. He has a special passion for older people; particularly those facing barriers to accessing acceptable, appropriate care and support. He feels privileged to have worked with older people who are from CALD backgrounds, Aboriginal people, members of LGBTI communities, and who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Stephen led the LGBTI+ change agenda at Uniting Care (NSW, ACT).

Rev. Dorothy McRae-McMahon (retired)
Dorothy McRae-McMahon has been a feminist trailblazer since the 1970s, in women’s liberation, in human rights, in anti-apartheid, against the Vietnam War and in religious and spiritual matters.  Creating a major stir when she ‘came out’ as a lesbian, Dorothy attracted homophobic attacks and engendered public discussion and acceptance of homosexual clergy. Dorothy has also found herself in the role of carer many times in her life. Now retired, Dorothy volunteers at a Uniting Church parish, co-edits the South Sydney Herald, and is writing her fourteenth book.

norrie mAy-welby
norrie mAy-welby is an activist, author and cartoonist, based in Sydney, Australia, who successfully pursued the legal status of being recognised as sex non-specific, demolishing the presumption of binary sex. They have worked in the community and adult health education field over a couple of decades, including The Gender Centre and the Sex Workers Outreach Project, and although now professionally retired, stays active in community affairs and advocacy.

Lexi Buckfield
Lexi Buckfield is currently employed at the Central and Eastern Sydney Primary Health Network as a Drug Health Program Officer. She has previously worked at ACON for the Lesbian and Same-Sex Attracted Women’s division. She is a passionate advocate for the health and wellbeing needs of LGBTQI communities.

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