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Events 2013


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January 2013

1.1.13 to 31.1.13: Holidays. Julie is on holidays in January.

29.1.13: Redfern Public Forum. NSW Health. MC.

29.1.13: Sydney Mardi Gras Museum Launch. Speak.

30.1.13 and 31.1.13: Home Office – SOHOrganised.

February 2013

5.2.13: Grand Rounds. St Vincent’s Hospital. “The National eHealth Record System. What’s in it for you and your patients?” MC.

11.2.13: Qantas interview.

12.2.13: Mardi Gras Museum Talk – 35th Anniversary. Speak.

14.2.13 and 15.2.13: SOHOrganised office work.

15.2.13 to 16.2.13: SCEGGS Board Retreat.

18.2.13: Qantas interview.

20.2.13: SOHOrganised office work.

24.2.13 to 26.2.13: Leading Aged Services Australia Conference. Albury NSW. MC.

March 2013

1.3.13: Coastrek. Team Walk.

4.3.13: NPS MedicineWise Members’ Day Forum. MC.

13.3.13: Family Law Pathways Greater Sydney Forum. MC.

14.3.13: Wagga Wagga International Women’s Day Event. MC/Speak.

19.3.13 to 21.3.13: Health-e-Nation 2013 Leadership Summit. Melbourne. MC.

23.3.13: The Amazing Chase 2013. Fundraiser for FRANS Inc. Participate!

25.3.13: SCEGGS Board.

27.3.13: Army Recruit Training Centre Kapooka VIP Day Wagga. Participate.

28.3.13 to 2.4.13: Women’s Land Army Revival. Wellington NSW.

April 2013

3.4.13: Australian Dental Association Workshop. Melbourne. MC.

4.4.13: SohOrganised.

5.4.13: “Presentations People Remember” Workshop. Wandarma Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Service, Bega, NSW.

9.4.13: FGM National Summit. MC.

May 2013

Julie McCrossin is on leave

20.5.13: SCEGGS Board & AGM.

29.5.13: Opening Joan Freeman Science, Art & Technology Centre. SCEGGS Darlinghurst.

June 2013

Julie McCrossin is on leave

17.6.13: SCEGGS Board.

July 2013

Julie McCrossin is on leave

22.7.13: SCEGGS Board.

August 2013

19.8.13: SCEGGS Board.

28.8.13: “My Reason to Screen” Campaign. Breast Screen. Sydney. Speak.

September 2013

16.9.13: SCEGGS Board.

21.9.13: “A Farewell to Crowle”. Sydney. MC.

October 2013

10.10.13: Qantas record Up and Away. Interviews for Qantas national and international flights. See

17.10.13: Book Launch. “Take Back the Economy: An Ethical Guide for Transforming Our Communities”. Glebe. MC.

22.10.13: SCEGGS Board.

November 2013

5.11.13: Australian Orthopaedic Association Forum. MC.

18.11.13: SCEGGS Board.

20.11.13: Aged and Community Services Association of NSW and ACT Consumer-Directed Care Forum. Sydney. MC.

21.11.13: Heath-e-Nation Launch. Sydney. MC.

28.11.13: NSW Youth Health Policy Showcase. MC.

December 2013

6.12.13: Life Matters Birthday Broadcast. Co-present with Natasha Mitchell.

10.12.13: SCEGGS Darlinghurst Speech Night. Speak.

12.12.13: Qantas record Up and Away. Interviews for Qantas national and international flights. See

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