Ricky Onsman

Healing hands reach across the divide

by Julie McCrossin, Australian Jewish News, 4 June 2019 THERE has been media coverage this week about threats reported by Muslim community leader and Belmore GP, Dr Jamal Rifi, targeting him for his cooperation with Jewish community members to support a medical charity called Project Rozana, writes Julie McCrossin. Rifi is a board member of this …

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Julie’s Story – Remove the Mask

“If it is possible, through research, to find an alternative to the mask, to remove the mask and keep us safe, I would love to live long enough to see that happen.” – @JulieMcCrossin shares her experience of wearing the mask. DONATE NOW: https://crowdfunding.sydney.edu.au/pr… With your help, we can remove the mask for patients like …

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On This Day 40 Years Ago

On this day 40 years ago I decided to stop drinking alcohol and I rang a rehab and admitted myself. In this article, written in 2012, I explain why I made this decision. In 2013, I was diagnosed with cancer in my tonsils, tongue & throat. I was told I had a better chance of …

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A Strong Voice

A career in radio broadcasting saw Julie McCrossin spend plenty of time inside a room alone and under pressure. “I was used to being in a glass box by myself with people on the other side communicating to me through my headset or on a computer screen,” she says. But this meant nothing when lying …

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mardi gras + me

Mardi Gras + Me

I was very happy to participate in Mardi Gras + Me, a terrific 18-minute documentary film broadcast on ABC TV on 7 March 2018. Mardi Gras + Me follows a group of young people as they prepare to march in the 40th Sydney Mardi Gras Parade. They meet some famous LGBTQIA+ faces, and create banners & …

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Beyond Five

Beyond Five

Head and neck cancer experts created Beyond Five as a resource for medical professionals, as well as their patients and carers. read the article » Published in the November issue of the Australian Medical Association’s The NSW Doctor magazine.  

78ers and Mardi Gras 2018

Very sorry to see the news about differences within the 78er community in the media today. The 78ers are a diverse group of people with, no doubt, a wide range of views about recognition for their activism and access to free or discounted party tickets and events. Speaking for myself, I think the current Mardi …

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Teela Reid

Carrying the Family Torch

Teela Reid joined NSW Legal Aid, her first job as a solicitor, in March. Previously, she was tipstaff to Justice Lucy McCallum of the Supreme Court of NSW. Before that she was a high school sports teacher. Julie met a young woman whose identity and ambition have been nurtured by two strong and supportive networks: …

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