Pipi Storm



Performer, writer, bus driver 1978-83.

Pipi Storm was a community and children’s theatre group specializing in theatre-in-education in schools, prisons, child welfare institutions, work places, isolated Aboriginal communities and remote communities generally.

The shows were performed across Australia, including in public, Catholic and independent schools. With the help of money from the Disadvantaged Schools Program, Pipi Storm visited hundreds of remote and single teacher schools.

  • Pipi Storm Parks Program
    Julie was initially part of the Pipi Storm Parks Program, offering physical activities for children in parks on weekends and touring children’s juvenile justice institutions.
  • Silicon Chip Slippery Dip
    Julie helped to write and also performed in this high school show about the new technology of computers and their likely impact on employment.
  • Sez Who?
    Julie helped to write and also performed in this show about children’s legal rights and the police. Funding for this show included support from The Law Foundation of NSW and the Department of Corrective Services. The show was performed in every adult prison in NSW, except Goulburn, as well as in high schools across 3 states.
  • Whoops
    Julie and Brian Joyce, one of the founders of Pipi Storm, wrote and performed this two person story-telling show for pre-school and Infants children. It was about a little Egyptian boy called Whoopsie (Brian) and a little girl called Plain Jane (Julie). Whoopsie and Plain Jane also appeared in a silent role on ABC TV’s Play School.