Guardianship: A Balancing Act, 1990-91. Julie produced this Audio Kit and Booklet, published by Redfern Legal Centre Publishing. In 1990, Julie interviewed people making an application to the NSW Guardianship Board and their families for the Disability Council of NSW and then produced this kit of audio documentaries.

Victorian Guardianship and Administration Board, Hearing Observation Project, 1991. Julie observed Board members conducting hearings; provided confidential feedback; produced guidelines for the hearing process in consultation with the President, Tony Lawson and Deputy President, Fiona Smith; and designed and delivered training for Members on communication goals in the hearings.

WA Guardianship and Administration Board and Public Guardian Hearing Project 1991. Julie designed and delivered seminars on communication in hearings in consultation with the Chair, His Hon. Mr Justice Nicholson and ran training seminars for staff of the inquiry service and community education service.

Victorian Office of the Public Advocate Tape Kit 1990-91. Julie produced an audio kit of interviews with applicants and their families, Board members and the person with a disability as part of an evaluation of the Victorian Guardianship and Administration Board funded by the Victorian Law Foundation.

Family and Children’s Services Agency, Department of Family and Community Services 1980. Julie conducted interviews and other research and write an evaluation report on After Hours Care for children in NSW.


Adult Literacy Tutor, Petersham TAFE and Petersham TAFE Outreach. Casual Tutor, 1990.

Julie taught classes in Reading and Writing for Adults to migrant women in the St George area and to students at the TAFE College in Petersham and residents in the brain injury unit at Rozelle Hospital.


University of Technology Sydney, Lecturer, Radio 1, Dept. of Humanities & Social Sciences. Julie taught an introductory radio production course. 1986


Julie has been invited to speak on a range of issues to a wide variety of students. Generally, she is asked to reflect on her experiences working in the media, especially her documentary work and interviews on the issues facing disadvantaged people.

  • Macquarie University, guest lectures, 1981-84 and 1998
  • University of NSW, guest lectures 1991-2003
  • Australian National University, guest lecture 2000
  • University of Canberra, guest lectures, 2004 and 2006