ABC Radio


The ABC is Australia’s public broadcaster. It produces national and local television, radio and online services. Julie has regularly worked for the ABC since 1983.


  • Life Matters, daily social issues and personal stories radio show, presenter 2004-2005
  • Life Matters, co-presenter with Geraldine Doogue, 2000-2003
  • Late Night Live, daily national and international affairs, casual presenter & producer 1989, 1998
  • Arts National, national and international arts news and debates, weekly presenter 1988-89, contributor 1990-91. Reviewer Barry Hill wrote in the Green Guide, The Age, 9 June 1988. “The compere of Arts National, Julie McCrossin, is a bouncy, intelligent presence who generates a certain verve with her subjects. If she
    serves up a critical question, it’s with a smile in her voice.”
  • Coming Out Show, a weekly radio show on women’s history, culture and politics. Julie was joint co-ordinator with Penny Lomax, producer & presenter 1983-85 and a contributor 1986-91. Julie and Penny produced a number of special series including Outback and Outspoken about the lives of country women; Doing Time,
    Doing Drugs, Doing Well about imprisonment, drug and alcohol rehabilitation and organised crime; and A Crisis of the Imagination about women’s body image. Julie also produced and presented the documentary Leaving the Kids about women who leave their children for the Coming Out Show series Mum’s the Word.
  • Practicalities, a weekly radio show taking a practical approach to almost anything. Julie was a freelance contributor 1986-1990, including See You in Court, 12 part series on practical legal problems and solutions
  • Changes, ABC Radio Science Unit, Julie produced and presented programs for this documentary series on the experience of de-institutionalisation for people with a mental illness and their families 1987
  • Background Briefing, a complex radio documentary program on national and international affairs. Julie was a freelance presenter and producer. Julie’s documentaries included:
    • Nyngan on the Bogan, a profile of this far-western town in NSW and the economic challenges facing local families and their children, including Aboriginal families. Julie travelled to Nyngan and interviewed people from every social strata, including the producers of fine Merino wool;
    • Boarding Houses, an investigation into the quality of life of people with a mental illness or an intellectual disability living in boarding houses. Julie visited boarding houses and interviewed residents and staff throughout Sydney; and
    • Birthrights, an investigation into plans for a new health service for pregnant women, the Alukura, planned by the Central Australian Aboriginal Congress for Aboriginal women in Central Australia. Julie travelled to Alice Springs to interview health staff and Aboriginal people speaking in their own languages, with translations provided on the spot by locals 1985-87


Editorial Decision-Making & Interviewing Skills, Julie developed and presented radio training workshops for ABC staff 1985-88


  • 702ABC Sydney Breakfast, presenter, September 2005
  • 702ABC Sydney, occasional relief presenter, Drive 2003
  • 702ABC Sydney, occasional guest, “Thank God It’s Friday” comedy panel on Richard Glover’s Drive, 2003-2005


2KPTR is a Local ABC radio station on the mid-north coast of NSW. Julie worked as a freelance presenter on a range of shifts, including mornings and weekends and reading the news 1987